The Turkey's Nest

regional – marginal – comical

man on my street

There’s a man in my street who gets drunk, sits on his front steps and calls out to people who pass by. he yells out politics, advice on raising children, … Continue reading

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Expect the unexpected

The  unexpected. As i walked down the hill a big wind hit and i became fearful i’d be hit by a falling branch.  Just as i thought this thought a … Continue reading

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My ex by Teddy Bear

I’m 83 next year, I remember someone telling me years ago you know when you get old ” a good bowel movement will feel better that sex”  Well last week … Continue reading

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Tolerance of the Insane

A giant blow up King, a public park, a religious group of three or four fanatics (in their 60s) –  “Do it on church land” I thought, “get out of … Continue reading

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