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Super Market Man

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I have a confession, call it a death bed confession except i don’t know when i ‘m going to die but if it’s soon, confessing now will be better than later.

It’s probably not a jail-able offence. it might not be even illegal but for the last 40 years I’ve put stuff into other peoples shopping trolleys at supermarkets.  Stuff that they wouldn’t have ever thought about getting. It started out as lolly s or snack bars. then it moved into personal hygiene products and health items.

The trick is not getting caught. for forty years i never have.

The plan is to try and match the most unlikely shopper with the most unlikely product.

Of course many people just notice the item as the get to the check out but many don’t. The ones that notice, they stop look around and wonder if they have the wrong trolley. they recheck their list. they read the label of the errant item. They pick up the item like picking out a an unwashed sock.

For forty years vegetarians have had sausages,  elderly have had water pistols, young men have had stockings, young women have had motor oil placed in their trolleys.  air freshener, batteries, toilet cleaner, fly spray, herbs, mangoes, light bulbs. them and more have been added.

Condoms in pensioner couple’s shopping  create havoc when they are home unpacking. But flowers, boxes of chocolate, expensive ice cream, a bag of cherries.. little treats to brighten up someones day.

A cooked chook, some  things from the deli, a frozen cheesecake.

I imagine the shoppers who get home and discover the extra item. finding a use for it, giving it to a neighbor. or just beginning to doubt their own sense. It’s just my contribution to the mystery of the  human condition.

and it’s fun.



One comment on “Super Market Man

  1. Nicola
    July 17, 2014

    Great fun 🙂
    Checked my shopping again!

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