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The Typewriter


A few years ago, a man come into my shop and bought an old typewriter for $30.

Yesterday he came back and told me he’d written a book on that typewriter and had won a major literary award and his book was now published and selling well. I thought what a fool I was.  I could have written a top selling book on that typewriter.
Here I was sitting on a potential gold mine and I didn’t notice,
All he had to do was put a few sheets of paper in and tap away for a few weeks and put a few words together and then a few sentences together and arrange it into chapters, think of a catchy title and get it printed.
When I think of all those years with that typewriter sitting there gathering dust that I could have set myself up for life. All the words were in there just waiting to come out. All the letters just had to be arranged, Here he is making thousands of dollars and sitting back never having to work again if he doesn’t want to and do you think he came in and said “seeing you sold me that typewriter it’s only fair that i give you a share of the money I make”.  Not on your Nelly, Not even a thank you, I think part of the only reason he came back was to rub my nose in it. “Look at me I wrote a book ain’t i clever.”
The truth is he could never have written a thing without that typewriter so really the book is at least half mine. But no, when i asked, I didn’t even get a mention in the forward, or the intro or on the dust jacket. “this book is dedicated to my friend Lewie who sold be the typewriter that made all this possible”
To rub more salt in the wounds he said he was working on his next novel which he predicted would be out by Christmas.
Another book. you’ve had your fun man, at least let me have the typewriter back so i can back so i can write a top selling novel.
Greed, that’s what i call it. greed and selfishness.
But the thing that got me the most wasn’t  that he hadn’t come back to thank me or give me a share of the book sales or even to give me a copy of the damn book. The thing that got me really upset was the reason he’d come back was to see if i had new typewriter ribbons for sale. Truth is I have, but there’s no way I’m selling any to you mister.

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