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Today I saw an ad in a health food shop window for someone who “fixed dreads” and charged $40 per hours.

I wondered what training they had done, what qualifications, experience, equipment etc they needed.

does one go to hair dressing school or just learn.  how much demand for dread fixing is there?

do they come to your house or do you go to theirs.  are some dreads just not fixable.

“sorry you’ll just have to shave it all off and start again”


“you should have seen me earlier…i could have done something.”

Do others notice when your dreads have been repaired. “wow your dreads man…they’re fixed”

what’s the worst that can happen if you don’t get your dreads fixed.

“I’m sorry but his dreads were broken,  they actually caused the accident.”

“we get that a lot..especially around Nimbin”

$40 per that’s good money and i’d think about learning the skill to do it but from what i see i couldn’t tell the difference between a broken dread and a repaired one. in fact it might be that dread fixing is a lot like astrology, there’s a lot of language involved and little science. the head and the ego get massaged in equal measure and an hour later $40 is exchanged.

“See how it goes, I’ve fixed the main problems but i really think you need to make another couple of appointments,

It’s your head , you have to look in the mirror.





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