The Turkey's Nest

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HELD. Chapter One and Two


Chapter ONE
Everything has come at once, clear like a dream,
All at once Uncle David’s old house coming up, and me knowing what to do.
It is like i’m jumping round like Uncle David’s  Jack Russel dog Bubbles all tail waging and clear on my purpose.

I knew I was doing right.

It will take time, It’ll take planning but it has me sure what to do now.

Uncle David’s farm is all it needed.

My Uncle David died and left me in his will his dog Bubbles and his old house in New Hampshire, very cold there .

Nice and cool in the summer. The most photographed lake in the USA Is 1 mile up. Very  clear water, not deep on edges, I swam across it once.

 I knew some people would say it was wrong, the law would say it was wrong, some good Christians would say it was wrong. Society would say it was wrong. But I knew it was right, clear as that clear water i swam across.
Lake Chocorua is there, the Hornpout fish or Catfish is another name at night you can catch them very easy good meal. In the Spring the rivers run with Mullet Fish you net them by the dozens, the farm could be set up to farm Trout fish.
Work is scarce. You have to use your imagination. Logging.  gardening , hunting and fishing.
You can live off the land.
There’s 3 Barns, one new, Southern exposure in winter Steel metal roof so snow can slide of.
Guinea Hens are raised for food.
Deer and Black Bear 3 can’t got into the Bee Hives.
Every Sunday sitting in church hearing Reverend Isaac talking about women killing their babies. the government not doing nothing to stop it.  All i got to do is put my plan down step by step.
Step by step.
Chapter Two

barmedman 069


Chapter Two

My beliefs, I believe in the Bible, the word of God, I believe that we all have a place and purpose in God’s plan and we have to open up to find it.

I know when i hear the truth. Thou shall not kill thou shall not steal, I know what it feels like to have people say things about you. that you are crazy. that you should be locked in the nut house. That has happened to me once when i went to complain about having my place poisoned by people. and i got put in the crazy house cause i wouldn’t be quiet. I got arrested for saying something wasn’t right. I got locked up.

It’s the poor. the people who can’t get lawyers. the ones who have to put up with people dumping toxic poisons.

I am the one who has learnt to stay quiet. The Police are there to protect the people with the money not the law. They say “put your hand behind your back” i say i am not putting my hands behind my back. I am being poisoned I am not putting my hands behind my back. and the Police say “resisting resisting down on the floor comply comply” and i have my teeth smashed in and my arm twisted and i fight them off cause i am a big powerful man who has worked loggen and farming all his life and i don’t want poisons dumped on my land. and the Police use a stun gun and hand cuff and ankle cuff and strap me down and i fight cause i am being poisoned.  and the judge gives me three months in the crazy house and the psychiatrist sees me once and asks me about my father and says i was low IQ and not able to understand. And i am locked in the crazy house and giving sleeping tablets to help me sleep. and i sleep 16 hours a day for three months and i know now not to say anything or they will lock me up. that ain’t right now is it. you tell me…that ain’t right is it.

But i’m telling you this now. I’m not crazy but i don’t say nothing cause they lock you up when you say stuff.


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