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I’m happy now

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Finally the rain has stopped and the dripping onto my bedding has slowed.  My sheet has not been dry for a month and the blanket has been damp in places for over 6 weeks. It seems that some places down south are still dry which is a pity.

Never rains but it pours. which i don’t understand.

Funny country where it can be too wet and too dry at the same time.

no one has been out because of the rain and the market holders have given up coming this last few weeks so no scraps, no hand dropped coins. The old boxes that at least are usually dry are wet and fallen apart.

but now the rain has slowed and the wind.. a bit cool has kept the air fresh. made me feel alive. made the people passing a bit friendlier as they clench their teeth almost into a smile.

and the police are staying in their cars. too cool to get out. too wet still to maybe step in puddles.

and the friendly street dogs are on the roam again. looking for over filled rubbish bin. chasing possums.

and in 4 hours time the sun may shine bright and clear and warm… I’m happy that it’s nearly Easter and the end of day light saving.

long sleep ins on the river bank with friends. slow mornings. colder nights so less runaway kids who rob you.  I used to be full of disappointment but now i just take one day at a time.



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