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My ex by Teddy Bear

DSC00293I’m 83 next year, I remember someone telling me years ago you know when you get old ” a good bowel movement will feel better that sex”  Well last week my wife of 6o years passed away, we’d been happily married for 12 years, then we just stayed together, hoping the other one would die. Both of us got sick from time to time but we just held on to spite one another. It’s not that we hated each other we just ended up being like Christmas relatives, people who you don’t really like but you are polite to one another.  i think we thought that we would meet someone else to spend the rest of our lives together with and be happy but we just didn’t get there and now.. well it’s too late for me and way too late for her.  Is it ok to live with someone for 50 years cause to don’t hate them but you don’t love them?  It’s like looking after your kid’s dog after they move overseas.

at night i could hear each other just lying there wishing each other would change into someone else.  like wishing for a lotto win. you know it wont happen but you make all these plans of what you’ll do if it does.

But what if it had happened. what if her chest pains had taken her or my prostate cancer been real. We would have had had a chance to find that special someone, the love of our lives, fall in love.

The funeral’s tomorrow. I’ll put on my suit and everyone will be all sympathetic and who knows, i might met someone.  But what then? I don’t like commercial TV or spicy foods. Apart from that I’m pretty easy to  get along with.



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