The Turkey's Nest

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I am, I think it s me, am lying in a drift of consciousness. I think I’m either 86 years old or just turned 60. For some reason I don’t … Continue reading

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When I was just an egg

I am a big strong gander. I stand tall and loudly honk when I see danger. I flap my wings and hiss with my sharp teeth whenever I see a … Continue reading

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the Baby

Melanie had taken her medicine, just as the doctor had ordered, more than the doctor had ordered. more is better right, right! And she had taken what her friend had … Continue reading

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cuckoos nest

  Cuckoo’s Nest. Peter Lewis 2002     Chapter 1 Mating.   The Bronze cuckoo does not build a nest. It lays one egg in another bird’s nest and flies … Continue reading

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Super Market Man

I have a confession, call it a death bed confession except i don’t know when i ‘m going to die but if it’s soon, confessing now will be better than later. … Continue reading

November 24, 2013 · 1 Comment

The Typewriter

A few years ago, a man come into my shop and bought an old typewriter for $30. Yesterday he came back and told me he’d written a book on that … Continue reading

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getting it right

I had a rat trap that had lost the bit where the bait sits. It’s just a straight bit of thin metal with a right angle bend near the end. … Continue reading

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what do you do for a living?

Today I saw an ad in a health food shop window for someone who “fixed dreads” and charged $40 per hours. I wondered what training they had done, what qualifications, … Continue reading

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HELD. Chapter One and Two

Held Chapter ONE Everything has come at once, clear like a dream, All at once Uncle David’s old house coming up, and me knowing what to do. It is like … Continue reading

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I’m happy now

Finally the rain has stopped and the dripping onto my bedding has slowed.  My sheet has not been dry for a month and the blanket has been damp in places … Continue reading

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